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Why Housebreaking is a MUST!

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Well the reasons are not very hard to find.

You must train your dog to be either toilet trained or crate trained. Or else he will happily use any part of the house or yard as his toilet. You must decide which area in your yard must exclusively be demarcated for this purpose. You can then focus your efforts towards teaching him that this is the spot he must visit when he wants to “pee or potty”. 

If it is not viable for him to visit the yard, then he has to be crate trained. Crate training demands high standards of cleanliness.  Any poop or pee in the house will have to be cleaned up thoroughly by you. Use organic digesters to get rid of the smell in that area. Never use ammonia or bleach when cleaning up because both bear a strong resemblance to doggy urine. 

Crate training can take a little longer to implement. But it is a good option. Especially if you do not have a yard for your dog to run around in. For crate training put your dog on a leash and then lead him to the designated area. 

2 Responses to Why Housebreaking is a MUST!

  • Great advice but do you have any suggestions on the actual training as we are struggling a little with this.

    • When both of our Westies were puppies, we started off by putting a potty pad in the area where the accidents were happening. Then over the course of a few weeks, we slowly moved that pad closer and closer to the door. By the end, we knew that when she ran to the back door, they had to go. Try that, hopefully it works for you too! Good Luck!

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