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The Easiest Way to Clean Your Dogs Ears

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Cleaning of your canine’s ears is important for good dog grooming and hygiene. But, precautions are to be taken when cleaning your dog’s ears so that no infections would likely to occur. Dogs with lots of hair in their ears and have excess wax are likely easier to catch infections. Ear mites are present when there is dark wax on your dog’s ear. A dirty, damp environment can also be a factor as to why a dog is suffering from an ear disease. Bacteria can grow there and might infect them – regularly, examine your dog’s ear for preventive measures.  If there is a sign of swelling or infection, it is better for you to take your pet to the vet.  Here are a few tips on how to clean your dog’s ear the easy way.

Prepare necessary things you will be needing such as cotton-tipped swabs and towels. Ensure that your dog grooming kit is complete with supplies at all times. Use an ear wash and make sure it does not contain any undiluted peroxide or it will cause burning in your dog’s ear. Then, soak a cotton ball in the wash and squeeze out the excess formulated cleanser. Take grasp of your dog’s ear , hold it up for easy access before gently rubbing the exterior portion up and down. Your dog might make movements – try to pay attention to it. If your dog wants to play or doesn’t want his ears cleaned, get help from another person to pin the dog down or to simply make him calm. To minimize movements, the best way to handle the situation is by making use of treats. But sometimes your dog moves due to painful inflammations, swelling or infections that might have recently occurred. You’ll know because it is often accompanied with whines and yelps.

If the wash runs into your dog’s ear, let your dog shake it off. Massage your pooch’s ears gently so that you could hear some slippery, squishy sounds. If you don’t hear any sound, it could likely mean that you did not use enough ear wash. Use a cotton-tipped swab and dip it into the wash to clean the creases of your dog’s ear. Don’t put or clean your dog’s ear canal with the swab. It’s alright to clean the edges of the ear canal – just don’t go any deeper. The vet or one of the veterinary clinic staff should only do deep ear cleaning. Health and safety is also needed to ensure proper dog grooming.

Keep in mind that you should not rub a dog’s ear quite hard. Lastly, you may use an ear drying cream or powder with the ears flaps folded for a couple of minutes to dry canals. Dog grooming can be really costly if you tend to ignore your pet’s need. Knowing that your dog has an infection is totally bad news. Knowing that you have to take him to the vet and spend money may sound a lot worse. So, check and clean your dog’s ears weekly. You can even ask a professional about how to clean a dog’s ear.

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