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How to Stop your Dog from Barking too Much

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It is really impossible to keep your dog from barking because this is their way of communicating and expressing themselves. Most dogs will bark when they see strangers or other dogs and animals. This behavior is just normal; in fact you want your dog to be able to bark with the purpose of warning you from potential danger or from harmful situations. This kind of barking is not to be corrected because this is one of the reasons why we keep dogs — to guard our houses. Though barking has some good points, unnecessary barking can be very annoying and cause irritation for dog owners. When your dog seems to have a problem with too much barking and it wouldn’t cease even if you seem to have done many things to stop it, then it maybe a developing behavior problem that you need to fix.

There are various kinds of dog training that you could try in order to stop your dog from barking too much. One of these is dog obedience training where you can train your dog to behave when he needs to and know when to stop barking. You can do this by teaching your dog a command to stop barking. Choose a simple word and say it whenever you want him to be quiet. Do not yell or shout at your dog because he will only understand your shouting as a way of barking too where it would consequentially continue barking. Say the word calmly but firmly as a command. Do this as much as needed because repetitions and consistencies will help him to associate the command with the desired action.

Another method is to know the reason why your dog barks excessively; this is because sometimes they are triggered by something and is why they bark. Some dogs also bark more than others as some dog breeds are intended to be loud barkers. Look at the environment and the instances when your dog starts barking excessively, you might learn a few things and understand the reason behind the braking. Some reasons include the notion that they bark because of danger and they also become anxious. Another reason for barking is because they are bored in contrast to the fact that they can also bark because of excitement and playfulness. They also resort to barking when they want to get attention from their owners. Another reason maybe that they start barking when they hear other dogs barking and this can be very noisy. When you know the reason, you can now control your dog from too much barking.

Another method is to draw your dog’s attention when he starts to bark unnecessarily by practicing other commands like sit and down to transfer his interest from barking to doing the actions that you commanded. You can also try to grab your dog’s attention when he is barking through sounds like a clap or whistle to motion him to come near you. Never use shock or anti-bark collars as this may just worsen your problem. Try to do dog problem solving methods that will have a good effect on your dog. Know when to be gentle and when to be strict in dog training so that you can successfully train your dog.

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  • My Westie only ever barked if she heard something unusual AND if she saw, by looking at my reactions, that I had not noticed it. As soon as she was satisfied I was aware of the presence she would reduce the barking down to a couple of low short growls and then stop. If I anticipated the event e.g. the milkman arriving for his payment on a Saturday morning (LOL!) and put a finger to my lips and said “Sshh” she would not make a sound. The Perfect Dog!

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